Possessive Mask
Scp035 by pumpkinlol-d72woel
Some attributes
First Item #: SCP-035
Second Object Class: Keter
Third Unknown
Other attributes
SCP-035 is to be kept within a hermetically sealed glass case, no fewer than 10 centimeters (4 inches) thick. This case is to be contained within a steel, iron and lead-shielded room at all times. Doors are to be triple-locked at all times, with the exception of allowing personnel in or out. No fewer than two (2) Armed guards are to be posted at any time. Guards must remain outside at all times and are not allowed within the containment room under any circumstances. A trained psychologist is to remain on site at all times. Research personnel are not to touch SCP-035 at any time. SCP-035 must be moved to a new sealed case every two (2) weeks. The previous case must be disposed of via SCP-101, as it shows no adverse reactions to SCP-035's "corruption". Anyone who comes into contact with SCP-035 when it is in possession of a host is to be given an immediate psychological evaluation.

SCP-035 appears to be a white porcelain mask comedy, although, at times, it will change to tragedy. In these events, all existing visual records, such as photographs, video footage, even Monday illustrations, of SCP-035 automatically change to reflect its new appearance. 

A highly corrosive and degenerative viscous liquid constantly seeps from the eye and mouth holes of SCP-035th Anything coming into contact with this substance decays slowly over a period of time, depending on the material, until it has decayed completely into a pool of the original contaminant. Glass seems to react the slowest to the effects of the item, hence the choice of construction its immediate container. Living organisms that come into contact with the substance react much the same way, with no chance of recovery. Origin of the liquid is unknown. Liquid is only visible from the front, and does not emerge or even Monday is visible from the other side. 

Subjects within 1.5 to 2 meters (5-6 feet) of SCP-035, or in visual contact with it, experience a strong urge to put it on. When SCP-035 is placed on the face of an individual, an alternate brain wave pattern from SCP-035 overlaps that of the original host, effectively snuffing it out and causing brain death to the subject. Subject then claims to be the consciousness contained within SCP-035th The bodies of "possessed" subjects decay at a highly accelerated rate, eventually becoming little more than mummified corpses. Nevertheless, SCP-035 has demonstrated the ability to remain in cognitive control of a body experiencing severe structural damage, Even if the subject's body literally decays to the point where motion is not mechanically possible. No effect is found to be had when placed on the face of an animal.

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